Privacy Certification

A PrivacyTrust Certification indicates that your website has been reviewed by PrivacyTrust and has met our stringent privacy and data protection requirements.

Having an  PrivacyTrust Seal on your website signifies to customers that any critical data collected, such as home addresses and phone numbers are not exchanged with third parties without their consent. This is vital in having a trustful relationship between you and your customers.

PrivacyTrust Certifications need to be renewed each year, however if you change your Privacy Statement we will automatically reassess it (there is no fee for this). Read more about reassessment.

The fee for a PrivacyTrust Certification is US$745. Fees are payable when the application form and Privacy Statement are submitted to PrivacyTrust for review. You can find further information on the fees here.

Certification can usually be completed in 12 working days. However, in the event that certification takes longer than 2 months, your certificate will start two months from your application date. E.g if you apply for certification on 2nd January 2012 but complete it in May 2012, your certificate will show a start date of 2nd March 2012, and expire 2nd March 2013.

The criteria we use to check your Privacy Policy includes:

Information Collection and Use
You have to inform the users of your site if you are collecting information directly from their electronic systems by means such as IP addresses and Cookies.

You have to let them know why you are collecting information from them. In most cases this is to customize the advertising and content seen.

Information Sharing and Disclosure
You will inform the users whether or not you sell or rent their personally identifiable information to anyone.

Is the sensitive and account information on your site password-protected for the privacy and security of your users.

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