Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a role specified by the GDPR as the person within an organisation who is responsible for understanding the data protection obligations of a company, and ensuring the company meets those obligations.

Activities include reviewing and approving privacy policies, ensuring the privacy processes are followed and issuing and reviewing Privacy Impact Assessments.

The benefits of using our DPO service

1. Experienced team 

PrivacyTrust has designed a customer centric DPO service. Each client receives support from: 

• Dedicated Account Manager – On hand to keep everything running smoothly and ensure that all your questions and queries are dealt with by the right people and promptly.

• Hands-on DPO all of whom are certified EU GDPR practitioners

• Legal team specialising in Data Protection law.

Together they provide consultancy and technical expertise on a day to day basis.

2. Value for money

Our years of experience have taught us that a great service can be delivered at a price that suits our clients. Outsourcing has proven to be invaluable resource for clients ensuring you only pay for the time used whilst always having the confidence you can handle any challenges that arise in your everyday business.

3. Client centre approach 

At PrivacyTrust we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are at the forefront of every decision we make. We recognise that achieving an acceptable level of compliance is a journey and for some will be harder than others however navigating that journey should be both straight forward and cost-effective. Our core focus is to help clients achieve and sustain compliance with their data protection requirements.

A company’s reputation for taking data privacy seriously can be a key differentiator from the competition. By understanding your organisations specific challenges, we can guarantee our tailored support will minimise the time that your teams spend complying with GDPR and data protection regulations.