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Privacy Shield Timeline

October 2015: European Court of Justice declares existing Safe Harbor agreement invalid.

November 2015: European Data authorities agree to not prosecute any companies which continue to use the Safe Harbor agreement.

December 2015: European DPAs split on the use of Model Contract Clauses and Binding Corporate Rules.

December 2015: The Department of Commerce continues to administer and enforce the Safe Harbor agreement.

2nd February 2016: The EU and Department of Commerce reach high level agreement on new Safe Harbor program, to be called EU-U.S Privacy Shield

29th February 2016: Actual requirements of the EU-U.S Privacy Shield certification released.

27th May 2016: EU Parliament urges negotiation of stronger Privacy Shield agreement.

1st July 2016: US Department of Commerce updates requirements and submits new version to the EU Parliament for approval.

7th July 2016: EU Parliament Article 31 vote. Approving Privacy Shield.

8th July 2016: Article 29 group issue statement concerning privacy shield

1st August 2016: Full Implementation of Privacy Shield and Switch from Safe Harbor

12th August 2016: First companies attain Privacy Shield certified status

30th September 2016: Applications before this date will benefit from 9th grace period for Onward Transfer requirements.

2017: First joint EU and US Dept of Commerce review

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